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I was born in Budapest, my ancestors were gardeners in Bulgaria hence my name is Bulgarian as well. I finished my minority primary and secondary grammar schools in Budapest and for a while, I studied on the Faculty of Law of Kliment Ohridszki University in Bulgaria. I took my degree at the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. I studied at the University of Vienna for a while as well. I have been living in Fertőd since 1990 and since then I have run several successful firms. Recently, I own some prosperous enterprises as well.

I was a member of the Bulgarian Municipality of Hungary for several electoral cycles and I was elected as a representative in the Municipality of Fertőd.

I can speak Bulgarian as native language and can speak and understand German language as well.

I have been working as a lawyer since 1999. I almost deal with all fields of law. I act remarkably huge amounts of legal proceedings on the fields of civil, criminal and administrative law.

Since 2008, I have provided more emphasised representation to excise, customs and tax proceedings multiplied. I act on the behalf of several domestic and foreign individuals and legal entities. At present, I am also working on this field with pleasure.

I have provided representation in several cases having huge importance in Hungary on civil and criminal fields of law.

During all of my activity, I have made a lot of contracts of sale, deeds of donation, testamentary contracts, articles of incorporation, marriage settlements, building contracts, contracts of plot modification and other contracts and nowadays, I am making a huge amount of these documents as well.

I have formed a lot of legal entities (Llc., limited partnership etc.) and during their modification I represented my clients as well. When the electronic firm proceeding system was introduced, my office was among those offices which began to apply the new system at first. This new system has made the forming and modification process of companies easier and reliable.

I have established several associations, foundations and other public organisations and I completed their modification as well. In the course of my activity, I provide the representation of organisations providing public goals and established by a municipality for free of charge.

I have provided the representation of municipalities and their institutions on different fields of law as well.

I have concluded a lot of realty investment projects successfully.

Office in Sopron

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